STEM and Sports Camp on Kingman Island
Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region hosted this unique sports camp in summer 2017 that highlighted the connection between math, physics, and environmental science relevant to various sports, activities, games, and field trips such as building and launching rockets, dissecting baseballs, building a contraption for an egg drop, and testing heart rate with different exercises, fishing, and canoeing, and a nature scavenger hunt. Everyday the campers played a group sport like kickball, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, or flag football.

Some of the field trips included: "soccer golf" at East Potomac Golf Course, experiencing the physics of acrobats at Trapeze School, breathing and stretching at a local yoga studio, keeping score and learning about player's stats at a National's Game, and getting to know first hand Newton's Law's at Adventure Park USA with bumper boats, roller coasters, and go karts.
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