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Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five | by Serena Joyce
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Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five

You were everything you could be.


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I’m not usually one for words. Infact I don’t even know what I’m supposed to write here. But today I feel the need to actually write something.

Today I have ended a year long journey, in which I have only realized that it seems another journey is beginning. I finished something I never would have thought I would get a sixteenth of the way through.

The past year has absolutely been crazy and intense, happy, joy-filled, confusing and nerve wrecking. It has been one of the most changing years of my life and I am glad you were all here to watch and witness me go through so many changes. In the past year I’ve learned who I am behind the camera, and as well as in front.

Last year I started this project feeling worthless, upset, grody, and pieclesss. I had a lot going on, and I didn’t know what else I was doing. I started this out having some sort of idea about what photography was about. I didn’t know much, I just knew what to do to take the photo. After awhile of my 365 I hadn’t noticed much change in myself. My photos began looking exactly alike every day, I had no creativity, and if you noticed throughout a huge part of it, they were mostly dull with no color.

I noticed throughout this whole project I started growing into somebody new. This 365 has given me something to be proud of. Because for three hundred sixty five days you got to watch me change. Around the very beginning of July I knew exactly what this was about. My 365 was watching me get over the things bringing me down. It was to get rid of this hurt in my body. This 365 was watching me overcome my insecurities, and to meet new people. You’ve seen me at my worst, and you’ve seen me at my best. This project helped me see who I am and what I am doing. I watched myself get over things. People come and go from our lives but the memories of them stay within our hearts forever.

I am strong. I have done this. I couldn’t be more happy with myself. I want to thank the people who kept me going this entire time and have not let me down:

Caiti.anne you are the one who got me into doing this project. You motivated me every single day for the longest time.

Lauren Withrow was my inspiration for this, hence why I started it the day after hers ended.

Kalie Garrett- Your photos inspired me almost the whole entire time.

Ylana Hunt for being one of my closest Flickr friends and helping me through the horrid times.

Whitney Justesen for being such a huge inspiration and good friend.

Emma Brown for being my first Flickr friend webcam, being a big inspiration, and being so close.

And Liz for being my first penpal ever. You helped me through bad times too.


I want to thank my mom, grandfather, grandmother, and my sister for putting up with me every day with this. I’m going to include my real best friends from school, Rachel, Julia Haley, Jamie and Nicole. I couldn’t have done all of these photoshoots without you guys. You guys helped me when I was so upset and down, and I’m always going to be here for you no matter what because I love you. I still want to thank Jon and Amber for a few things as well. Jon looked at my Flickr almost every single day until summer started. Amber was always on my shoots with me and we were so close.


I want to thank the people who are tagged on the side for just being awesome and nice who had an affect on me as well. Thanks to everyone who commented, faved, and even viewed my photos. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

I’m going to recommend this project to everyone because it’s really something amazing and beautiful you created. Even if towards the end it feels like a schoolyear and you get so lazy. Every little bit counts. Even when during the last week your remote decides to break along with your 55-200mm. It’s all worth it. I am happy. I couldn’t be more proud of myself for doing this. I’m off for some new ventures.

Well Flickr,

This is the last time I’m going to be writing this but, so long for now, Flickr. <3


[November 18, 2010]


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