Lake Michigan Ice (1 of 3)

I went to the Lakeshore today and apart from the small amount of traffic on Lakeshore Drive it was very quiet. The lake was covered in a very thin sheet of ice, as far out as the eye could see. I thought it was totally frozen, but if you really stopped and looked you could see that thin layer floating along with the current.


This photo shows the shoreline where the ice would hit a rock, crack off and get stuck. Then another piece of ice would hit that and crack off and get stuck to that, eventually forming small piles of ice flakes.


The sound of these small sheets of ice breaking off as they scraped into each other was so marvelous, almost like Pop Rocks for your ears. I wished I had some kind of high-powered microphone--the kind that RadioLab would use--to record it.


It was a great way to start the day.

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Uploaded on December 20, 2010