Raleigh Twenty Stowaway Shopper

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    A little bit different from stock - my Raleigh Twenty fixie with a few 'subtle' upgrades...

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    1. Soggy Semolina 94 months ago | reply

      Its looking good, love the Hed wheel.

    2. bryanster 86 months ago | reply

      How's the 16 spoke rear wheel working out? I ended up getting a Sun-Ringle pre-built 36-spoke wheel instead of building the custom one I'd planned (12-4x / 24-radial). (Rims I wanted haven't been available for >6wks through the store where I used to work.)

      It's been so much fun riding it this week that I don't think I'll take any more time to work on it, especially to tear down a perfectly true wheel--I figure that to simply yank every other pair of 3x spokes would make it a terribly weak 18 spoke lace configuration, huh? I did build the rear wheel though--3leading/3trailing. Check it out--I just put new pics up.

    3. Littlepixel™ 86 months ago | reply

      16 spoke seems perfectly fine; 20" wheels are so much stronger than big ones less spokes don't seem to affect rigidity much at all.

      Yours is a bad-ass Twenty! I don't normally like them with fatter tyres but it really works on yours with the black *everything* and sweet paintjob.

      Love the delta spoking on your wheel too. Mind if I share it with the Twenty nuts over at Bikeforums.net?

    4. bryanster 86 months ago | reply

      Not at all--'happy to share with fellow nuts ;-)

    5. ysr23 86 months ago | reply

      absolutely love this set - you have done some great work there. I found an old shopper (not a raleigh and not a folder) in the woods behind my house and it got me thinking what people had done with these, which is how i stumbled across your pics - this is just great. Tell me, mags didn't work out no? i think this wreck would need new wheels and i thought about mags.

    6. Littlepixel™ 86 months ago | reply

      @ysr23... Thanks!
      Mags didn't work for two reasons - they needed nice fat BMX tyres and I wanted to run nice skinny road tyres so they didn't sit on the rims safely - the innertubes snuck through the edges like a hernia. Second was you could only really run the rear as a singlespeed and at the time I'd just bought a nice 7 speed hub gear that wasn't really going to make it into the Mag without serious surgery.

      But mags can fit a Twenty - I've seen pix of exactly that and if you're wanting an all purpose single speed utility bike they're perfect with a pair of slick ramp tyres. Hope your project goes well!

    7. DeadAccount111 83 months ago | reply

      I love what you've done to this twenty. Its literally the worlds best Raliegh Twenty!
      I have a classic Dahon and have all intentions of pimping it out like you've done with this.
      It has 16' whels and I'm trying to find a shock for the front, new chain wheel, tires, brakes, basically everything. Would you have any suggestions where to start finding old peices like this. So far i have only managed to get a new handlebar, stem and seat.... dismal, but still an improvement.

    8. russteaches 71 months ago | reply

      Sweet ride. Did you rethread the bottom bracket or keep it as is? I'm weighing options for my own (eventual) 20 re-furb.

    9. Littlepixel™ 71 months ago | reply

      I went the Sheldon Bown patented route - this involves holding in a (now discontinued) Shimano UN-72 bottom-bracket cartridge with a pair of suitably threaded Phil Wood retaining cups. It's not the cheapest way to retrofit the frame for modern cranks but it works well, and even has a degree of adjustability to achieve a good chainline.

    10. alias franco ferrari alias doctor xero 71 months ago | reply

      terrific man, how do you do it, love it

    11. Torshaven 71 months ago | reply

      I have owned a number of bycycles, but nothing compares to the flexibiliy of my 1970s Stowaway which I bought for £25 in the mid 1990s. It has been taken in the boot of my car from Cornwall to Northern Scotland, it has been riden on many Scottish Islands.
      I recently cleaned it up and changed the original tyres. It was a far more easy project than an E Type Jaguar restoration! The bike featured looks awesome!

    12. bobthesock1 42 months ago | reply

      WOW! Thats fantastic. Was wondering what rim you used on the back wheel because I am building a custom twenty and couldn't find any this side of the atlantic.

    13. Littlepixel™ 42 months ago | reply

      The bike has normal iso 406 sized wheels rather than the stock larger iso 451 size usually found on UK twenties. The good news is pretty much any BMX or kids bike rim will go there. This one has a slight aero section and was a no-name item bought from a recumbent shop, though you can probably find some nice ones in the US - search for Velocity Aerohead or Aeroheat.

    14. Luvglurvs 16 months ago | reply

      Love the concept. What tyres are those, wheelchair racers? Where and how much?

    15. Littlepixel™ 16 months ago | reply

      @GLUVLURV! Tyres are ISO 406 sized Schwalbe Stelvio - a while back they did special that black/yellow 'Mango' colourway to match the Dahon SpeedPro TT bike paintwork.


      I think you can get similar with a red, White or Mango stripe - though on their 'Durano' line of tyres, as the Stelvio in 406 size seem to have been discontinued...


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