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FebRovery2021: #17 Toyo-T4 FJ "Luna Cruiser"  (Fabuland Space) | by Littlepixel™
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FebRovery2021: #17 Toyo-T4 FJ "Luna Cruiser" (Fabuland Space)

"Hey Boon… Do you know the way to Rocket-Hangar Seven?

said Joe Starling, pulling up and leaning out the cab of his trusty FJ Luna Cruiser.


"I'm due there at 16:00hrs to pick up the latest Macguffin shipment… but I'm late and my GPS is on the Fritz!"


"Beats me…." drawled the laid-back Racoon "…GPS is down 'cos of that downed satellite, so I've just been eating my space cake and tooling about on my scooter...."


He continued...


"Hey… Did you hear about all those geological assets going missing… The Unobtanium Meteors? From the Mineral Lab?"


"…I wouldn't know anything about that" murmured Joe.



Fabuland Space Is A Thing.

Or it should be.


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Uploaded on February 17, 2021