KLF: The White Room

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    Classic records lost in time and format, re-emerged as Pelican books.
    Just for fun.

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    1. Patrick Barber 73 months ago | reply

      hey, i just recycled that cassette. i like this cross-pollination.

    2. willster 73 months ago | reply

      Also known as the Jams, etc. I love this album.

    3. johnimator 72 months ago | reply

      Well, they are Justified, and Ancient.
      Oh, and they drive an ice cream van, it seems.

    4. Toby Hemming 72 months ago | reply

      This has made my day

    5. ptcampbell 71 months ago | reply

      is there a way to achieve the blue lines the way they are automatically, similarly to how you can posterise an image? or is that hand drawn?

      nice work! :)

    6. Littlepixel™ 71 months ago | reply

      It's not hand drawn; My process is pretty complex but the root of it is converting an image to CMYK, and then to Multichannel modes. Then I can choose 'ink' colours and play with the levels of them independently.

      To get the lines I needed to copy the 'blue' channel into a new document, then convert this to bitmap mode, choosing to 'screen' the image (as was done in the old days when printing photos) using lines rather than the more common dots. Then I copy pasted the result back into the main document. It takes some trial and error, plus I think I may have upped the resolution to something crazy-big when making the bitmap so as to avoid jaggys when I put it back in the multchannel document.

      Lastly, I saved the multichannel document of the image and placed it into the master of the sleeve. If you don't place the image in an RGB document, the colours go all screwy.

      Probably far too much info for you there. This is Photoshop 10th Dan Ninja skillz0r! ;)

    7. ptcampbell 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks a lot for your response, not too much info at all. Must try it soon. I hope you don't mind me bothering you again if I need a bit of guidance. You don't know if there are any resources with information about this process? I've always wanted to know how to do this!


    8. Littlepixel™ 71 months ago | reply

      This might be a good starting point in your quest to understand the mighty halftone!

    9. JS~IMAGES 70 months ago | reply

      Great work on a likewise great album... love the change from KLF to CLF too.

    10. thehotchili2000 70 months ago | reply

      instant fav...great album.

    11. JEFFERSON VIMANA 54 months ago | reply

      eyes never said "WORD" B4

    12. jamieriddell [deleted] 13 months ago | reply

      These are brilliant, I love them all! Thanks for making them.

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