skinning hazelnuts

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  • Jennifer 6y

    Yum, I'm doing the same today. My list includes: bread, yogurt, mozarella, chinese dumplings, and marmalade. You reminded me though, I might need to make some granola too, I think our supply might be low.
  • nicole gliddon 6y

    you rule. I only made peanut butter.
  • carol lee 6y

    wow- I love this idea.

    And I thought I was pretty good with having my week's menu planned...I'm watching my husband make dinner and roast coffee all at the same time, I should really get off my duff. :)
  • marthasnail 6y

    that's absolutely wonderful. i have been wanting to do this...but somehow i never do. the last thing i made was earl grey butter cookies.
  • aruna sree 6y

    This is part of my Sunday routine too! I always try to start early so that I am done by mid-day. It's so very nice to have a stock of options to round off meals and pack lunches during the week. I haven't been satisfied with my yogurt-making since I moved to Seattle from Santa Cruz - I think it's due to the cooler climate. How do you make yours?
  • Amy Johnson 6y

    what a productive day. I love days like this!
  • Elena 6y

    wow! sounds so delicious! i often make pita from the recipe you shared a while back- so good. i've been making tortillas too. enjoy that shortbread... mm.
  • emily 6y

    oh! i wish i had spent my day doing the same. sounds like you have a full fridge to carry you through the week.
  • Alicia 6y

    I made some potato salad- it's already gone. ; )
  • Christie 6y

    um, I haven't started on our frozen zucchini. If you want some more, please ask.
    ples tak z#kene by skwirler
  • Stephanie Congdon Barnes 6y

    aruna: i make my yogurt in a yogurt maker/incubator thing.

    christie: it *was* your zucchini. from those infant-size ones we took.
  • Jacqueline Low 6y

    Sounds delicious! Love the picture. n_n
  • knitting iris 6y

    Hazelnut shortbread! Mmmmm. So very "Oregon". Do you get them locally?
    Not much cooking nor baking here, but so much long overdue deep cleaning. Felt extra productive when I thought of what most of this country was up to yesterday.
    Off to search "earl grey butter cookies" now....
  • Steve Tadd 6y

    What do you do with your beans? I've been trying to incorporate them into our diet to get more fiber and protein, but I haven't found a recipe I love. I do white bean stuffed peppers, and I tried a kale and white bean soup, however nothing has knocked our socks off.
  • Mal 6y

    I am such a crockpot queen. I love to know what others do for their weekend cooking as they plan out the next week. This weekend I eased off on the chicken and dumplings (finally!) and instead went with a lemon/kumquat chicken, a beef tri-tip, garbanzo beans, and roasted tomatoes. YUM!
  • julia elise miller 6y

    holy crap that's a lot!

    this sunday, i made granola, hummus, bread, and lasagne (and i thought that was a lot!
  • Jumilla 4 6y

    all so good
    i'm still looking for the perfect white bean / crockpot recipe...
  • Julie Alvarez 6y

    No way you did all that! Awsome.
    And the picture is amazing.
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