skinning hazelnuts

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    1. Mama Urchin 74 months ago | reply

      Yum, I'm doing the same today. My list includes: bread, yogurt, mozarella, chinese dumplings, and marmalade. You reminded me though, I might need to make some granola too, I think our supply might be low.

    2. nicole | the habit of being 74 months ago | reply

      you rule. I only made peanut butter.

    3. carol lee 74 months ago | reply

      wow- I love this idea.

      And I thought I was pretty good with having my week's menu planned...I'm watching my husband make dinner and roast coffee all at the same time, I should really get off my duff. :)

    4. marthasnail 74 months ago | reply

      that's absolutely wonderful. i have been wanting to do this...but somehow i never do. the last thing i made was earl grey butter cookies.

    5. aruna sree 74 months ago | reply

      This is part of my Sunday routine too! I always try to start early so that I am done by mid-day. It's so very nice to have a stock of options to round off meals and pack lunches during the week. I haven't been satisfied with my yogurt-making since I moved to Seattle from Santa Cruz - I think it's due to the cooler climate. How do you make yours?

    6. amy e johnson 74 months ago | reply

      what a productive day. I love days like this!

    7. lore elg 74 months ago | reply

      wow! sounds so delicious! i often make pita from the recipe you shared a while back- so good. i've been making tortillas too. enjoy that shortbread... mm.

    8. shining egg 74 months ago | reply

      oh! i wish i had spent my day doing the same. sounds like you have a full fridge to carry you through the week.

    9. the mayfly 74 months ago | reply

      I made some potato salad- it's already gone. ; )

    10. skwirler 74 months ago | reply

      um, I haven't started on our frozen zucchini. If you want some more, please ask.

    11. stephaniecb 74 months ago | reply

      aruna: i make my yogurt in a yogurt maker/incubator thing.

      christie: it *was* your zucchini. from those infant-size ones we took.

    12. Jacqueline Low 74 months ago | reply

      Sounds delicious! Love the picture. n_n

    13. knitting iris 74 months ago | reply

      Hazelnut shortbread! Mmmmm. So very "Oregon". Do you get them locally?
      Not much cooking nor baking here, but so much long overdue deep cleaning. Felt extra productive when I thought of what most of this country was up to yesterday.
      Off to search "earl grey butter cookies" now....

    14. Steve Tadd 74 months ago | reply

      What do you do with your beans? I've been trying to incorporate them into our diet to get more fiber and protein, but I haven't found a recipe I love. I do white bean stuffed peppers, and I tried a kale and white bean soup, however nothing has knocked our socks off.

    15. turning*turning 74 months ago | reply

      I am such a crockpot queen. I love to know what others do for their weekend cooking as they plan out the next week. This weekend I eased off on the chicken and dumplings (finally!) and instead went with a lemon/kumquat chicken, a beef tri-tip, garbanzo beans, and roasted tomatoes. YUM!

    16. julia:elise 74 months ago | reply

      holy crap that's a lot!

      this sunday, i made granola, hummus, bread, and lasagne (and i thought that was a lot!

    17. Jumilla 4 74 months ago | reply

      all so good
      i'm still looking for the perfect white bean / crockpot recipe...

    18. Julie Alvarez 74 months ago | reply

      No way you did all that! Awsome.
      And the picture is amazing.

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