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Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm ƒ/3.5-4.5

Maclaren Two giant frog fish Reef life Reef life Mushrooms Clownies and diver Corals and diver Frogfish and diver Giant seafan with diver (and turtle) Diving in Bunaken - North Sulawesi Coral and diver Wideangle Swarmfish Happy birthday :) Coral and diver Chrisoula K. Coral backlight Chrisoula K. Chrisoula K. Chrisoula K.

I bought this lens at first for under water photography. Under water there is less light, so you have to be close to the object and need the biggest angle to see. A fisheye is just perfect for this. With nearly 180° angle of view and a close focus distance. After I bought this lens, I tried it above water and found new total crazy possibilities to use it. When I switched to full format, I had to use the Kenko 1.4 converter to fit.

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danielguip says:

I have had this lens for 6 months and slowly learns to use it underwater. It is really outsanding and offers novel viewpoints especially as you get close to subjects.
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