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"Country Charm" stove in our kitchen

Edited 2/26/16: I am selling my stove now so if you see this in a Seattle Craigslist ad it's legit! If you see it anywhere else -- they are using my photo without permission. Make sure you see what their stove REALLY looks like before you buy it.



This is NOT the stove that is being advertised. My stove is NOT for sale. The stove being sold on Craigslist may look like this one, but it is not the same one. People keep using this photo without permission.


Here's the "new" stove we got! Not really new at all... The walls behind it aren't completely finished yet, but at least now we can cook!


More about the stove... this stove was made by House of Webster. They don't sell appliances anymore -- they sold them from the late 1950s to the early 2000s. This one, I think, is 1970s-vintage.

House of Webster Country Charm stoves are NOT antiques; if you see one for sale claiming to be from the 1920s or 1930s it is not true! However, it is made of cast iron from an 1875 pattern. It is electric, though, not a wood stove. The "coffee grinder" on the top is actually the clock/timer! The controls for the burners and oven are behind the doors on the left. It works beautifully, except the thermometer on the front door isn't accurate -- it shows about half of the actual temperature. So there is a little hanging thermometer inside the oven. The oven also has an internal thermometer somewhere that works correctly, because it preheats to the correct temperature. Not sure how, but it works...


The "warming ovens" at the top don't actually stay all that warm since this isn't a normal wood stove. Right now the right one contains hot pads (especially needed since the iron handle on the oven door gets HOT!)


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Taken on May 25, 2009