.Idaho: Grasmere
Grasmere is an abandoned commercial site in southwestern Idaho. It is on Idaho's SR 51, 26 miles north of the Idaho-Nevada boundary.

There isn't much at Grasmere, just an abandoned Texaco gas station, some sheds, a small house trailer, and piles of trash. In 2010 the trailer was standing but leaning slightly to one side (lack of tires?) and the tall Texaco sign stood erect. In 2012 the trailer was lying on its side and the Texaco sign was lying on the ground. The gas station had a restaurant or bar inside. About half a mile south of the gas station is a grass airstrip, which in 2010 seemed to be in use or at least maintained.

SR 51 is one route I use to travel from I-84 in Idaho down to Wendover, Utah. It's a lonely highway.
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