.Utah: Crater Island (Peak 5297)
Peak 5297 is one of numerous modest mountains in Crater Island, a self-contained massif just north of the Silver Island Mountains.

This mountain caught my attention during my first visit to Crater Island, in which I hiked on the nearby mud flats. With binoculars I could see a cairn on the summit and I wondered how tall it was. The mountain called to me, so I planned to explore it.

On a later trip I hiked to 5297's summit. After driving as far as road conditions would allow (sharp rocks were a concern), I parked the car and continued on foot. My hiking route followed the road northward for about two miles, then up a gentle curving ridge to the summit. 99% of the trek was simple walking. Near the summit was a short section of easy rock steps where I paid attention to balance.

Atop the summit was a cairn five feet (1.8m) tall. The 360-degree view was fabulous: mountains and mud flats as far as the eye could see. I was the only person around for miles and loved it. Verizon cell phone service at the summit was very good. From the summit of 5297 I had a good view of Peak 5743, the high point of Crater Island. That peak called to me, so on yet another trip I explored it.

Details about access to Crater Island appear at the collection level.
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