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Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

I believe this is this first photo I ever took with my Nikon D70...or the first photo that I took that is still in existence. I'm sure I chose not to retain test pics of a glass of water or my hand.


I lived in DC for over six years, right across the street from this park. Strangely, I went there almost exclusively when I was troubled about something, which wasn't terribly often, or if I was out running and felt the need to do lots of steps. (Normally when I ran, I ran at lunchtime along the Mall and did steps at the Capitol...but that was back before I found yoga.) That said, I do remember one occasion sitting in the grass with a former boyfriend over a game of chess. I hope that I beat the pants off of him.


Most locals call this place Malcolm X Park, although its official name is Meridian Hill Park. For the longest time, I never knew why; turns out some decades ago there was a failed push to officially rename the park after Malcolm X. Every Sunday, from sunup to sundown, from spring through fall, there is a giant drum circle. I assure you it is not some hippie-dippy stoner college guy kind of amusement. People come from all over the nearby neighborhoods to play, observe, dance. It's pretty cool, and I could usually hear it from my apartment.

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Taken on April 23, 2006