The Anatomy of Wings

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First, don't get on me about shadows, there was barely any light, AKA, NO SHADOW, I CHECKED. Also the blurriness around the abdomen is not a photoshop flaw, I was trying to fade the focus, but because it's up against a solid wall that you can't SEE is out of focus I realize it looks a little wonky. Anyways, yeah...

I'm pretty sick right now. :/


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  1. gallmese 46 months ago | reply

    fantastic capture!!!!

  2. noprayer4dying 42 months ago | reply

    interesting waist :P

  3. J.B.C. 41 months ago | reply


  4. CoNfUsDeD hAiR 39 months ago | reply

    This picture is so stunning! every time i look at it its like the first time.

  5. Carlos Castañeda' 39 months ago | reply

    This is very cool!! I like how your hair looks and the position of your body looks GORGEOUS

  6. rootcrop54 39 months ago | reply


  7. Ethan Coverstone 39 months ago | reply

    that motion and blur creates such a great story! this is phenomenal! instant fave! =P

  8. *r**a [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

    superb shot!

  9. LitterART 25 months ago | reply



    Curated by: LitterART

    " . . . But neither does the relativist fulfill these longings. He stands on the walls of the city and as he looks out into the wilderness, his eyes reflect the sadness that he does not know how to fly . . ."

    Beyond the city walls lay unpredictable encounters with wild things, including other humans. Hans Peter Duerr argues that for the medievals the boundary between wilderness and civilization was permeable and often-crossed, like a low fence. In the country, at least, invitations to the wild lay at every turn. Strange animals roamed there, and at night the vast panorama of the skies opened up. Even the blossoms of the yew tree under which one might fall asleep were mild hallucinogens. An afternoon's nap might turn into a trip to the Venus Mountain. But now the animals the yews and the vastness of the night are gone, and the Venusberg is the stuff only of opera. Sometimes the wild is deliberately eradicated, as for example when our civilization deliberately chopped down the ancient world's sacred groves. The wild potentials that remain are pushed behind what Duerr describes as a solid, steep prison wall.

    Greetings from Austria

    Michael | LitterART

  10. Ivan . 24 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work... Great example to follow.

  11. kaeleyjane 18 months ago | reply

    so stunning.

  12. caultron_v2 14 months ago | reply

    Not your everyday shot! Very cool.

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