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The Radical Adventures of Princess Alyssabeth and Donkey the Bear

Me and Donkey had quite an adventure! Last night while we were in the abandoned cornrows at about six o'clock in the PM, a very strange person parked their car right outside it on a busy street for about two minutes and then just drove away...


Today we decided as Explorers that is was important to look for clues! So on this day Sunday, as we entered Thy Cornrows, we spotted tire tracks and saw that all of our lemonade glasses that were strewn about from our party, (which in retrospect, we shouldn't have left in Thy Cornrows this long, anyways) lay neatly on the table...


Neither I, nor Donkey had put them there. The mystery begins...


And we would both like to thank erika, пианист for the testimonial. :)


And we would also like to let you know that if you haven't heard this song, because it is essentially the essence of our entire beings, then you totally suck.


Listen to it and look at this picture, we dare you not to feel anything.



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Taken on January 17, 2010