Beloved Videogame Characters

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    KEYS: Mario (mario bros), Pacman (pacman), Link (Zelda), Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog), Bomberman (Character from bomberman NES), Lara croft (Thomb rider) , Toad (mario bros), Ken (Street fighter), Riu (Street fighter) , master chief (Halo) ,Luigi (mario bros) ,Megaman (megaman), Manny calavera (Grim Fandango), Sam fisher (Splinter Cell),Josef (Machinarium),The Prince (Prince of persia), Alien 1 (Space invaders), Alien 2 (Space invaders), Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem), Donkey kong (Donkey kong country), Diddy kong (Donkey kong country), Bill (Contra) ,Lance (Contra) ,Guybrush Threepwood (menkey island), Snafu (intellivision), Yoshi (Mario bros), Samu (metroid), Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim), Harry (Pitfall),Chun Lee(Street fighter), Billy Lee (double dragon), Jimmy Lee (double dragon), Peter Pepper (burger time), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Gordon Freeman (Half-life), Kratos (God of war), Sub zero (Mortal kombat), Princess Peach (Mario bros), Solid Snake (Metal gear solid), Kirby (Kirby's Dream Land), Scorpion (Mortal kombat), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja gaiden), Nemo (little nemo the dream master), Moto racer (Exitebike), Centipide (Centipede Atari), Little mac (punch out boxer), Zeke (Zombies Ate My Neighbors), Any character from (the sims), Pikachu (pokemon), Big red angry bird (angry birds), Any character from (world of warcraft), Casey (kid chamaleon), Dante (Dante’s inferno), Popo (Ice climber), Big Daddy (bioshock), Larry (leisure land larry), Jill Valentine (Resident evil), Tetrominos (Tetris), Cloud Strife (final fantasy), Master Higgins (adventure island), Thief (lock ‘n’ chase), Cody, (final fight),Twinsen (twinsen’s odisey), Lemming (Lemmings) Sephiroth (final fantasy), Keiji Thomas (kung fu marter), Combo (killer instinct), Meat boy (super meat boy), From any first person shooter game (the crosshair)

    Thanks a lot you all for the love and supporting i really appreciate it :)

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    1. DruidAlenon 38 months ago | reply

      Ahahahahah, Kirby & Link Forever!!!

    2. Lishoffs 38 months ago | reply

      glad you like it pal!

    3. John74© 38 months ago | reply

      I spy Gordon Freeman, Duke Nukem & I see Double Dragon,

    4. Lishoffs 38 months ago | reply

      you got that right sir!

    5. Computerbug 38 months ago | reply

      These are great! I love the super meatboy and earthworm Jim ones. :-)

    6. Lishoffs 38 months ago | reply

      thanks a lot pal!

    7. argentlupus 38 months ago | reply

      My answers:

      1) Mario, Pac-Man, Link, Sonic, Bomberman, Lara Croft, Super Mushroom

      2) Ken, Ryu, Master Chief, Luigi, Mega Man/Rockman, Manny Calavera, Sam Fisher

      3) [no idea], [no idea], Space Invader ani 1, Space Invader ani 2, Duke Nukem, Crimson Viper, [no idea]

      4) Frogger (?), Bill (contra), Vance (Contra), Ezio, Snake (from the snake chase), Yoshi, Samus

      5) Earthworm Jim, Pitfall guy, Chun-Li, Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, Burger Time Chef, Simon Belmont

      6)Gordon Freeman, Kratos, Sub-Zero, [no idea], Old Snake, Kirby, Scorpion

      7) [no idea], [no idea], Excitebike, Centipede/Milipede, [no idea]

      8 ) Zombie ate my neighbor kid, [no idea] Pikachu, Angry Bird, [no idea], [no idea], Dante, Ice Climber, [no idea]

      9) Big Daddy (Bouncer type), Little Sister, Tetroids, Cloud, Master Higgins, [no idea], [no idea]

      10) Leisure Suit Larry, Lemming, Sephiroth, Storm Trooper, Harlem Globe Trotter, Super Meat Boy, [no idea]

      Like it some were real brain scratchers.

    8. imccombe 38 months ago | reply

      Man, this is killing me. Now I NEED to know the characters I'm missing!!!

      Mario, Pac-man, Link, Sonic, Bomberman, ??, Super Mushroom
      Ken, Ryu, Master Chief, Luigi, Mega Man, Manny (Grim Fandango), Sam Fisher
      ??, ??, Space Invader 1, Space Invader 2, Duke Nukem, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
      Frogger, Bill (Contra), Lance (Contra), Guybush Threepwood, Snake, Yoshi, Samus
      Earthworm Jim, ??, Chun Li, Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, ??, Simon Belmont
      Gordon Freeman, Kratos, Sub Zero, Princess Peach, Solid Snake, Kirby, Scorpion
      ??, ??, Ezio, ??, Little Mac, Zeke (ZAMN), ??
      Pikachu, Angry Bird, ??, ??, Templar, Popo (Ice Climbers), ??
      Big Daddy, Little Sister, Tetrominos, Cloud, Master Higgins, ??, ??
      Leisure Suit Larry, Lemming, Sephiroth, ??, American Gladiator, Super Meat Boy, ??

    9. Computerbug 38 months ago | reply

      How is it that everyone is missing Josef from Machinarium? That game needs way more credit. :-P

    10. Lishoffs 38 months ago | reply

      Josef is one of my favs!

    11. Computerbug 38 months ago | reply

      I can tell because you also had him in your "Good natured robots" one of these too. I really like these little block guys you are doing, what do you plan on doing next?

    12. Lishoffs 38 months ago | reply

      hahaha as a matter of fact i don't know. this was kind of a bonus. thanks for the support pal! i'm looking forward to see more of your clay work :)

    13. ChucklesMO 38 months ago | reply

      Trying to compile a complete list, will update as I get the chance.

      (1,1) Mario
      (1,2) Pac-Man
      (1,3) Link(from The Legend of Zelda)
      (1,4) Sonic
      (1,5) Bomberman
      (1,6) Lara Croft(from Tomb Raider)
      (1,7) Super Mushroom
      (2,1) Ken(from Street Fighter)
      (2,2) Ryu(from Street Fighter)
      (2,3) Master Chief(from Halo)
      (2,4) Luigi
      (2,5) Mega Man
      (2,6) Manny Calavera(from Grim Fandango)
      (2,7) Sam Fisher(from Splinter Cell)
      (3,1) Josef(from Machinarium)
      (3,3) & (3,4) Space Invaders Aliens
      (3,5) Duke Nukem
      (3,6) Donkey Kong
      (3,7) Diddy Kong
      (4,1) Frogger
      (4,2) Bill(from Contra)
      (4,3) Lance(from Contra)
      (4,4) Guybrush Threepwood(from Monkey Island)
      (4,5) Snake
      (4,6) Yoshi Egg
      (4,7) Samus Aran(from Metriod)
      (5,1) Earthworm Jim
      (5,2) Harry(from Pitfall!)
      (5,3) Chun-Li(from Street Fighter)
      (5,4) Billy Lee(from Double Dragon)
      (5,5) Jimmy Lee(from Double Dragon)
      (5,7) Simon Belmont(from Castlevania)
      (6,1) Gordon Freeman(from Half-Life)
      (6,2) Kratos(from God of War)
      (6,3) Sub-Zero(from Mortal Kombat)
      (6,4) Peach aka Princess Toadstool
      (6,5) Solid Snake(from Metal Gear Solid)
      (6,6) Kirby
      (6,7) Scorpion(from Mortal Kombat)
      (7,1) Ryu Hayabusa(from Ninja Gaiden)
      (7,3) ExciteBike
      (7,6) Zeke(from Zombies Ate My Neighbors)
      (7,7) The Sims
      (8,1) Pikachu(from Pokemon)
      (8,2) Angry Birds
      (8,6) Popo(from Ice Climbers)
      (9,1) Big Daddy(from BioShock)
      (9,3) Tetris
      (9,4) Cloud Strife(from Final Fantasy 7)
      (9,5) Master Higgens(from Adventure Island)
      (10,2) Lemmings
      (10,6) Meat Boy(from Super Meat Boy)

    14. danielcmcg 38 months ago | reply

      Take note everyone, 10.1 Twinsen.
      How can you not know that?

    15. Lishoffs 38 months ago | reply

      got that right pal!

    16. legocatseyeguy 16 months ago | reply

      Awesome! But Steve (from minecraft) would have been nice :)

      PS: Vsause sent me here :D

    17. Lishoffs 16 months ago | reply

      thanks a lot legocatseyeguy! sorry about that :)
      i beg your pardon, what is vsause?

    18. legocatseyeguy 7 months ago | reply

      Sorry about that. I didn't have a respect for grammar and spelling :P. I meant VSauce, a show on Youtube that your art was featured on.

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