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If there's a heaven, I hope it smells like basil and dirt.

a year of mornings 121/365


That is my great hope.


* * *


I'd like to also try to say something else. I've always thought of myself as someone who nurtures other folks' creativity. I see this as my main gift. It wasn't until very recently that I gave much deep thought to my own creative process and skills.


A number of changes in recent years have forced some new thinking here. For one, I left work that was explicitly about nurturing other people's creativity and confidence. As gorgeous as my life is, I'd be lying to say I haven't felt a great emptiness, too, since that has ceased being a part of why I wake and act during the day. Another reason I'm thinking about these things is: hello, farming! It's all about creating. We make things grow, and we also are building a business, and thinking about the kind of voice we want and the kind of community we want to build around this yummy food. These are all creative acts. And of course, there's this whole Flickr thang: it's a community of creative souls, and I'm here, here quite a lot in fact, which suggests I'm thinking about and struggling with and celebrating my own ideas of what it can mean to create a thing and put it gently out there into the world.


If y'all haven't seen Elizabeth Gilbert's talk over at TED about creativity, work, and the value of showing up, please find a quiet 20 minutes in your day, make yourself a cup of tea, and go watch it. It's very, very powerful and wonderful.

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Taken on March 31, 2009