Play Park

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    Garnethill, Glasgow, Scotland

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    1. flickerbook1 106 months ago | reply

      i had lunch with you there once!!!

    2. LiseMac 105 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I remember...
      salmon&cucumber sandwiches from M&S!

    3. ccgd 100 months ago | reply

      I remember this being painted, in 1978.... I was a student at the Art School round the corner. The lad who painted it had just graduated I seem to recall - he had white blond hair, which could be seen for miles when he was working high up on the scaffolding.

      I think I'm getting old.....

    4. LiseMac 100 months ago | reply

      Really, that paint job is as old as me!?!
      It's fabulous, and not at all out dated.

      Thankyou so much for this information, this has really cheered me up. Now every time I see it I will think of the man with the golden locks on his ladder. A Wonderful piece of History!

    5. phostak 100 months ago | reply

      I recognize that; it's on (or near) garnet Hill, yes?

    6. phostak 100 months ago | reply

      I have a photo of that building from the first time I visited Glasgow -- in '86. At the time there was a big hole in the ground where that park is now -- looked like a bomb crater. I was amazed to see the mural work intact when I was there last year. Good of ccgd to give us a little history.

    7. LiseMac 100 months ago | reply

      You should post your' version phostak!
      Was very kind, interesting and helpful of ccgd to pass on that information!
      Glad you got something from this.

    8. ccgd 100 months ago | reply

      When this painted in the late 70's I lived in Garnethill - just up the road in Hill Street. At that time the space in front of the mural was laid out as a small five a side football pitch, blaze surface and a couple of dinky wee goals.

      I remember playing football there one lunch time in the sort of glorious early summer sunshine you only get when you are a young and it's exam time :-)

      I moved back to the Highlands in 85, and do remember walking around Garnethill on a visit back to Glasgow just around that time and noticing that the football pitch had turned into a playpark. 86 or 87 sounds about right.

    9. LiseMac 100 months ago | reply

      I could listen to your' stories all day ccgd, you really have an interesting way or speak and description. Maybe it's just that I find it interesting! Anyway, thanks again, I am growing more and more attached to this playpark/mural, with all it's history.

    10. phostak 100 months ago | reply

      Ditto re ccgd's stories. Here's another shot of the park and mural I found elsewhere on Flickr. Though it's not as nice a shot of the mural, I like the little ziggurat and other matter in the foreground. Have to try to dig out my old pic of the spot and scan it.

      Here's my own reminiscence, for the little it's worth.

      I feel oddly attached to this spot as well. I was a yank going to university at UCL. I had just arrived in Glasgow sometime in the late spring, '86 (just finished the last term before summer, I think). The sun was making its first faltering appearances of the year, which felt blinding nonetheless. I got off the tube at Cowcaddens and was wandering around to find where I was to stay. This was the first landmark I saw. I thought, "this is curious" and snapped a quick shot. It ended up being kind of emblematic of what makes Glasgow special to me. Here we have a crater (from the demolition of a tenement, perhaps, some of the not-so-creative architectural destruction that hit the town after the '60s?) juxtaposed against some marvelous public art that someone, for reasons of his or her own, took the trouble to put on the now-exposed side of the remaining row house. Nice. Beauty and the blight. It's the kind of thing that makes come back to visit whenever I can.

    11. Jim at Fotosyn 97 months ago | reply

      Spent many a lunch-hour round here too... and a few bevvy sessions when I studied in the Foulis building round at GSA.

      Ahhh the memories!

    12. jpordude 58 months ago | reply

      top photo, love it!

    13. stephenjeffrey 3 weeks ago | reply

      I think it was designed by Tim Armstrong a lecturer at that time at GSA? ...... he had help painting it :-)
      I was at GSA from 77-82, lived in Bilsland House digs just up the road.

    14. ccgd 3 weeks ago | reply

      Stephen - this mural was designed by Tim Armstrong, now a stained glass bod in Cambridgeshire. I remember it being painted by a post grad with white blond hair, in 1978-79. I lived across the road from you in Bilsland in the John D Kelly Halls from 1977-79. I did spend a lot of time in Bilsland though......

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