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Full version of sunrise timelapse

This is the full version of the timelapse. Since it was my first try I didn't time exposures right. For timelapse you have to shoot all manual, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc., so you have a consistent look. Well the sunrise is one of the toughest to guess right as you have to start off well underexposed and end up overexposed as sun comes up.


In this one I started off too light, so I compensated twice in the middle, resulting in jumps in exposure. Photographs were taken 10 seconds apart from each other, starting around 6:30 am, until about 7:00 am, for a total of 179 frames.


First Segment: images 4131-4199, ISO 200, 1/20, f/4, 17mm, 0EV

Second Segment: images 4200-4225, ISO 200, 1/40, f/4, 17mm, 0EV

Third Segment: images 4226-4309, ISO 100, 1/80, f/4, 17mm, 0EV


I put the timelapse movie together in linux.

First I used ImageMagick's convert utility to rotate all images by 0.8 degrees counterclockwise, then I cropped, and downresed to 1280x720 since I wanted to output at 720p video. Here's the command:

for i in `ls 2*jpg`; do convert $i -rotate 0.8 -crop 2436x1370+25+35 -resize "1280x720>" s_$i; done


Then I created the video using mencoder as follows:

mencoder mf://s_*.jpg -mf fps=24:type=jpeg -nosound -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mjpeg -o timelapse.mpeg


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Uploaded on August 23, 2012