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Springtime at Pigeon Point Lighthouse

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Brilliant flowers cover the fields near California's Pigeon Point Lighthouse along the popular scenic route Highway One. At one time, the field was farmland but is now part of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse State Park and has grown in with wildflowers that bloom early each spring.


Sometimes it seems that we landscape photographers focus so much on getting that golden hour shot that we often overlook or just don't go out during the bright daylight hours. This day was originally just planned as a sunrise shoot of the Bay Bridge but we got shut out by low clouds. I stuck it out for the entire day and came away with a number of great daytime shots and my luck held and was treated to a stunning sunset as well.


I spent a couple of hours shooting the springtime flowers at Pigeon Point Lighthouse. I am pretty sure the flowers mid screen are wild mustard. There are some light purple flowers mixed in here and there.


I am not sure of the name of the bright yellow trumpet shaped flowers in the foreground. If you know, drop me a note below.


© Darvin Atkeson

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Taken on March 11, 2012