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San Francisco Fires One Up for My Big 50th Birthday Bash

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San Francisco sends up one for my 5oth Birthday Celebration.... Yeah, In my dreams. :-) But hey, I figure this is how my cake will look when they set it on fire later tonight. And yes, go ahead and say it, I am officially over the hill! Funny how life is.... I can still remember clearly, as if

it were yesterday that I was still 16 and had just I calculated it out that my big 50th would come in the year 2012. The same year the Maya calendar would go toes up and possibly the world with it. And yet here we are. We made it. I made it. It certainly beats the alternative.


And I am just starting to have some real fun taking pictures. So I hope you enjoy this shot on my birthday and hopefully I can keep shooting for the next 50 years. Oh god, I think I just gave myself a heart attack thinking about the big 100. May we all be so lucky. :-)


Okay, for the record, this is actually a shot taken on San Francisco's New Year's Eve Celebration. I got so many great fireworks shots. Here a bright Red White and Blue firework erupts over the skyscrapers that make up San Francisco's unique skyline. The fireworks reflect in the shimmering waters of San Francisco Bay as seen from atop Yerba Buena Island. The famous Embarcadero Center are the towers outlined with lights and just below it and

to the left you can make out the red lights atop the Port of San Francisco's restored clock tower. Just prior to the bridge you can see the fairly new tower known as One Ricon Hill and of course the famous suspension section of the beautifully lit Bay Bridge. The far south, the hills of South San Francisco are adorn with lights from the many antenna towers. It all makes for one incredible New Years Eve vision of the City by the Bay.



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Taken on January 1, 2012