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San Francisco's Original Giants

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Two giant redwoods guard the path towards the beach. John Muir Woods National Monument is a deep lush canyon of Redwoods found just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was though sheer luck and some hard work that the small grove of Giant Redwoods was saved from early settlers saws. It's now a well protected and popular tourist attraction for people coming from around the world and as a result somewhat difficult to photograph in all its stunning beauty. This makes the best times to film the park during or right after the first rain storms start blowing in.


Some of the trees are near 2000 years old or more and hopefully future photographers will document the small saplings slowly turning in to the giants of the grove. There is a small creek just off the path which is filled with spawning salmon each fall when the creek breaches the sands of Muir Beach just a few short miles away. You will often also see small deer grazing on the new tender growth of the redwood burls. You will be amazed that it's just a few miles from the hustling and bustling of one of California's oldest and major cities.




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Taken on May 3, 2009