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John Muir National Monument is one of my favorite places to shoot but it's
also a lot of people favorite places to get away so be prepared for large
crowds. One way to avoid the huge crowds is to go on an absolutely abysmal
day such as this one with a strong Pacific storm blowing in. It was really
pouring and everything was soggy but it made for some really saturated
colors. I especially liked the deep saturated reds and oranges in the
redwood bark. The real trick was keeping the camera dry and safe. A
lot of people looked as us strangely as we, getting soaked, held the
umbrella over the camera. It was a soggy wet day, but well worth the shots
I obtained.

© Darvin Atkeson

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  1. Two Sexy SeaChels 36 months ago | reply

    "It was a soggy wet day, but well worth the shots I obtained."

    Agreed 100!! It was an instant fave the moment I saw your photo, absolutely captivating. The bright foreground captures your attention before being drawn in further to the beauty of this forest.

  2. Jean-Paul Boudreau Photographie 36 months ago | reply

    Rainy days are perfect for capturing the forest various hues, as proof here.

  3. mdvadenoforegon2 36 months ago | reply

    Nice. I feel the same way about weather, and maybe that's why I like winter. I carry an umbrella in the pack now too.

  4. RadiHoliday 36 months ago | reply

    love the colors

  5. DM Weber 36 months ago | reply

    So much better to suffer the indignities of getting soggy and get such saturated colors than to cope with the harsh light of bright sunlight. Are you a one-handed shooter, or do you have a way to attach an umbrella to yourself to free up both hands?

  6. Darvin Atkeson 36 months ago | reply

    In this case, I must confess, twas the wife holding the umbrella to keep the camera dry. We had also wrapped the camera in a ziplock back with a hole cut in the bottom.

  7. Concorde Nick 36 months ago | reply

    Very verdant and lush. Beautiful!

    I was out the other day and rain started coming down so I packed it in and didn't get the shot I went out to get. Hopefully there will be another chance.

  8. karl.wolfgang (Moved to Virginia) 36 months ago | reply

    We share some points. I lived in the high desert for about 4 years.
    Your photo here captures one of my favorite places in California. It is a place I can easily visit, when stopping at San Francisco as a port of entry. For many years I have lived in Korea, unable to spend time in the wilds of California.

  9. XiRa-PiCS 36 months ago | reply

    pritty nice

  10. mdvadenoforegon2 36 months ago | reply

    Did you check to see if the bent tree is successfully rooted at both ends? There is a bigleaf maple in Simpson Reed trail, Jedediah Smith redwoods, that is not only double rooted, bent like this, but hops for a short third arch.

    Prairie Creek trail and Hiouchi trail each have redwoods that are fallen horizontal and rooted at both ends. I think Mill Creek trail also has another arched bigleaf maple with two root systems and an arch.

    If this is the Umbellularia Bay Laurel, they are notorious for the luxurious coating of moss in the wet season.

  11. Darvin Atkeson 36 months ago | reply

    Interesting but no, I didn't think to check. I believe it does stretch across Muir Creek though. I will have to check the next time I go.

  12. Paul Porter Photography 36 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Darvin. Some of Muir Wood's best settings are captured in intimate scenes like this. Love your use of the foreground leaves.

  13. Matt Granz Photography 36 months ago | reply

    Those lush greens are hard to translate into a photograph, but you did it oh so well here. I always get confused when in the woods at what I would want to frame, and often come away with a lot of images of nothing notable. This image you present here is definitely notable and I really enjoy the clarity you came away with as well.

  14. Ga clicker (away) 36 months ago | reply

    Love the mood and color in this shot. Nice job.....

    Please add in:

    Jotbe's Group (Invited Only)

  15. Raymond Larose -> [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    Nice deep forest here!

  16. Darvin Atkeson 36 months ago | reply

    Thanks Matt, Yes, so many of my shots from Muir Woods seem to be just too much green. This one was actually cropped down to get rid of some of the bright green growth in the front. I liked the color but it was just overpowering.

  17. Dian Mooar 36 months ago | reply

    I love this natural picture, the colors are great. super job!!!

  18. vpanicker 36 months ago | reply

    Beautiful greens here. Also, the bark of the redwood tree adds to a nice color contrast.

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