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Just Being There - A Panorama of Yosemite National Park

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Brought this one back to the top so I could use it as the cover picture on my new Yosemite Photography group. If you have any good images from Yosemite or the nearby area, please join in.


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Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, incredible, unbelievable, far out and even totally rad, after all it is California! These are just a few of the words that have been used to try and describe this view, this place, but none do it justice. If you have never been to Yosemite, be sure to place this on your bucket list of things to do. It's one that no words, no image, no painting, no film can capture, though I do have a lot of fun trying.


If you are viewing this image, I recommend that you view it at the originally posted size. Hopefully it is close to the same size as your monitor so that you can sit back and take it all in. Of course you won't get to smell the crisp sharp cool mountain air filled with the scent of pines, nor hear the rush of the waterfalls both in front and beside you. Fortunately you will miss the crowd of people and lines of photographers packing in to take pictures and gawk at the view as Yosemite now attracts over 4 million people each year and spring is among the most popular.


I was lucky as a child to have spent many vacations in the parks high country where crowds are few even to this day. But even back then I recall my parents complaining of the crowds in the valley. Thus I didn't see this view till I turned 23 and took my wife to my childhood playground.


As we entered the valley and exited the tunnel I was in shock at the sheer size of the view before me. To this day, although I have gone many, many, many times my mind never grasps the size or beauty and it's like seeing it for the first time all over again. You might think I'm being a little over dramatic but that is how the park makes me feel. I could easily spend all my time taking pictures of nothing but Yosemite and many photographers do just that and for good reason.


Though the park is overly visited by tourist, it is still easy to get a unique shot within the park of things never seen. Granted this shot is possibly the most famous shot in all of California, if not the entire United States. I will cut this one short and leave you with more time to gaze at the image.


Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Some stats for the photographically inclined:

Nikon D300

Image Size 32.7Mp

12 portrait images

Stitched in Photoshop



ISO 200



Final image size 7722 x 4239



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Taken on May 12, 2010