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Hidden Waterfall - Sequoia National Park

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I recently purchased a new Nikon D300 and wanted to try it out. We decided

on Sequoia National Park. The forecast was for partly scattered clouds but

as usual weather.com didn't pan out. It was completely socked in with fog.

But that ended up working out quite nicely and we got some unique shots that

day. More posts are to follow. As the day was winding down, and it

started to get dark, we started to head for home. Out of the corner of my

eye, I got a glimpse of a waterfall way back off the main road.


I pulled over at the first turnout and walked back up the road to the

waterfall. Still, I could only make out part of it. To get the shot I was

going to have to scramble over a lot of wet shrubs and fallen logs. By the

time I may my way back to the waterfall, it was getting real dark.


Before we had left home with the D300, I had gone to KenRockwell.com and

configured my camera as he had suggested. I still had my polarizer filter

on and decided to leave it to give the waterfall a longer exposure time of

30 seconds. I jammed the tripod in to the unstable surroundings and clicked

off a few images. The blue tint of the water is a combination of the dark

lighting, long exposure time, polarizer filter and camera settings. I

didn't make any color changes at all. The combination of blue, orange and

greens in this really made it snap on the screen when I got home.


I do not know the name of this waterfall. I could not find it listed on the

map but it is somewhere near this location on Google Maps.

Google Maps. Switch to Satellite mode then note the meadow. The waterfall

can be located when driving from the right side to the left where the road

runs alongside the meadow. The waterfall is on the opposite side of the

meadow, about 50 or so yards back off the road. We parked near the clump of

trees to the right of the road and walked back towards the turn about half

way. Hope that helps you find it if you are looking for it.




© Darvin Atkeson

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Taken on March 6, 2008