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Fog and Steel - Golden Gate Bridge, California | by Darvin Atkeson
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Fog and Steel - Golden Gate Bridge, California

Now while I like shooting the Bay Bridge it still pales in comparison to the

Golden Gate Bridge. If you were to ask me, this is the most stunningly

beautiful bridge made. It is one of the few bridges build with an Art Deco

style and has design aspects that are not critical to its function. Simply

put, this bridge doesn't take a bad picture. I wish more architects took

this artist look in to their designs. It may be the most photographed and

painted bridge in history and for good reason. The bridge can be seen from

all over the Bay Area. It shocking Orange Red paint which keeps it free of

rust makes it stand out against almost any mood of the sky. It is often

shrouded in fog with parts sticking though like some giant. One shot I

have been dying to get is where the towers are sticking up though the fog in

to the clear sky. Though I've yet to be there at the right time. One of

my favorite paintings is one done by George Sumner of the Golden Gate with

the sunrise and the bridge rising above the clouds below.


If you want to visit the bridge I recommend you first take the last exit

headed south on Highway One and go up to the first turn out on the Marin

Headlands. This vista overlooks the bridge and is where many people take

their first picture of the Golden Gate. You can drive all the way out to

the Lighthouse if you like. The bridge will be visible most of the time,

however I recommend instead you go across the bridge and park on the South

side at the visitors center. There you can get an up close look at the

Golden Gate and how it was constructed. You can see a slice of the full

size main cable and see how pencil size cables make up the massive main

cable that supports the bridge. You can then walk across the bridge at

over 400ft above the Golden Gate and watch ships sail under the bridge.

The best time is when one of the US Air Craft Carriers sails under the

bridge. Most ships however are commercial ships headed for the Port of

Oakland. Stunning views of San Francisco on one side, and the Pacific on

the other.


In my opinion, the best time to visit is during Fleet Week when the Blue

Angels fly over San Francisco Bay. You'd swear they are coming within feet

of the bridge but they clear it by a good distance. I've stood on the edge

of the bridge while an F-18 zipped pass at near the speed of sound. The

entire bridge shakes from the afterburners of the small but powerful jets.

It's possibly the best air show I have seen and I've been to quite a few.

I have some good shots of the Blue Angels over the bridge and will post

those later so mark me down as a favorite if you wish to see then when I get

to them.


Thanks for looking.


© Darvin Atkeson

California Photography

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Taken on March 15, 2005