John Muir Woods - Walk in Paradise

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    This image was one of my first of John Muir Woods. Hard to believe it is only just a few short miles from downtown San Francisco.

    Had it not been that this little grove of Coastal Redwoods was in a steep valley it would have surely been cut down for lumber by early settlers. Fortunately it was purchased a by Congressman William Kent who wanted to wanted to protect it rather than exploit it. Much of California's old growth redwoods were gone. These trees are 2000+ years old so efforts by logging companies to replant would not be realized for generations to come. This is why what is left of our Old Growth forests must be preserved. You might think the monument would be named after Congressman Kent but he insisted it be named after famous naturalist John Muir who was instrumental in saving much of our state's natural wonders for future generations to enjoy. I wish there was some way to thank these people for their generosity and foresight. I hope that though my photography I convey that thanks to some small degree.

    You can visit Muir Woods year round. Now you might think from this image that the park is relatively uncrowned. That is NOT the case. Even on stormy wintery days, the park is full of people and getting a shot like this is near impossible due to the crowds. You must have a lot of patience or a few photographic tricks up your sleeve.

    When the first rains come and the creek overflows the sand bar at Muir Beach, the Salmon make their yearly run up the stream to lay eggs. You can see the fry (baby salmon) in the creek most of the year.

    One nice thing about this park is that it is fully accessible to the handicap and I was able to bring my aging grandmother here for a visit and take her over the 1.2 mile trail though the redwoods. It was a special day for all of us as she had never seen the redwoods.

    If you wish to shoot Muir Woods the best advice I can give is that you bring a tripod. Especially if you plan to stay till twilight.


    LiquidMoonlight Studios
    © Darvin Atkeson

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    1. i n i m i n i 47 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your submission to Nature Nerds!

    2. Raymond Larose -> [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

      That is really amazing light pouring into there!

    3. Max Resnick 31 months ago | reply

      Great light, and atmosphere.

    4. Photodestiny395 31 months ago | reply

      Beautiful lighting & composition.

    5. Mr_Andre 30 months ago | reply

      That is a pretty shot. And it is so hard to shoot in the redwoods - it can be way too contrast-y.

    6. Sealis 30 months ago | reply

      Really nice light and color!

    7. Concorde Nick 30 months ago | reply

      Light streaming through a forest is one of my favorite images. Beautifully captured.
      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    8. Matt Granz Photography 30 months ago | reply

      Great exposure control my friend. I feel like I can walk into the frame.

    9. Steve Arnett 30 months ago | reply

      And that's why I love California.

    10. Kathy (Arctic-Fox) 30 months ago | reply

      Beautifully done.. and great words in tribute of those who helped to save places like this. I was there over 10 years ago, thanks for the memory.

    11. t.m.schultze 30 months ago | reply

      Normally, I don't do much with walkways in my work. That being said, look at that light shaft. That makes this shot extraordinary. The contrast is great and as you know, not easily controlled! Excellent work.

    12. sandra9871 30 months ago | reply

      I wish I were there right now - it looks so peaceful. Congrats on getting a shot with no tourists in it!

    13. Touching Light Photography - dnarich 30 months ago | reply

      This is simply a beautiful and peaceful scene, with a wonderful curving walk in the woods and great atmosphere. It is hard to believe there was a single soul there the day you took this photo!

    14. Touching Light Photography - dnarich 30 months ago | reply

      BTW - Now I want to know how I can "favorite" YOU as a photographer-contact. Your work is uniformly excellent!

    15. Western Images 30 months ago | reply

      Great Shot, love the lighting!

    16. G. Chen 29 months ago | reply

      Love your photos of the forests.

    17. LifeLover4 25 months ago | reply

      Beautiful light tunnel!

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