ravens club

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I could have taken the time to remove the dust, but I didn't. So. Um. Yeah.

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  1. Ansel Olson 85 months ago | reply

    dust shmust. I like that raven. what's that place like?

  2. hopefuldoubtful 85 months ago | reply

    I'm pretty sure all my scans have cat hair on them. I figure it's copyright enforcement; who's gonna steal my shoddy scan? ;)

  3. shiphome 85 months ago | reply

    I dig it... my scanner hasn't been cleaned in over two years.

    Love that sign. Good food and beer at this joint?

  4. jenny murray 85 months ago | reply

    A&D, it just opened last week. We're going to check it out tomorrow night. The menu looks pretty yum and one of the partners is the bartender from a former-fave restaurant so the cocktails will be pretty yum, too, I think. Mostly locally sourced foods. I've been studying the menu all evening in preparation... :-)

  5. jenny murray 85 months ago | reply

    Jean, I love that! :-D

  6. mostlyaccidental. 85 months ago | reply

    Dust removal is highly overrated. Unless it's my photo; then I give myself headaches over it....

    Great signage, let us know how it is.

    (right, like I'll be stopping by anytime soon...)

  7. jenny murray 85 months ago | reply

    Well, ya never know when you'll find yourself hungry in Ann Arbor. I find myself hungry in Ann Arbor all the time! ;-)

  8. prissynme 85 months ago | reply

    Ymmmm, I'm looking forward to being, Hungry in Ann Arbor.

  9. prissynme 85 months ago | reply

    Oh, and how New Orleans looking up top!

  10. Voxphoto 85 months ago | reply

    Leave a note here after you've tried it—I haven't made it over myself, but anyplace that has several straight rye whiskeys on the menu gets my thumbs-up.

  11. hans.soderstrom 85 months ago | reply

    Love that sign, looks like an interesting place.

  12. jenny murray 85 months ago | reply

    So, as expected, the drinks were great. I thought the drinks were better than the food (although everything we tried from the small plates menu was way yummy and a friend we ran into said the cheese plate rocks), but maybe that's just because they've only been open for a week. Our service was very, very good. I'm excited to try it again after they've been open for a while.

  13. phil dokas 85 months ago | reply

    jenny murray I totally agree with that assessment. It's the kind of place I think I'd like to go to and have drinks and light food with friends.

  14. Voxphoto 85 months ago | reply

    I've sampled about 4 cocktails there and they're all great. The hunk'o'beef was delicious. I did get one server who was a little too hyper, but hey, they're new.

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