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    Bat Falcon having breakfast in early morning light
    (Falco rufigularis)
    Location : Iguasu Falls, Argentina
    4th. April 2006
    Had greatest of difficulty deciding if alternate id of Orange-breasted Falcon is more accurate. In the end I suppose the 5 white bands and white tip in the tail favours Bat.
    Refer set www.flickr.com/photos/lipkee/sets/72157600050461697/
    for various views
    This view shows complete collar

    1. alhajageo 97 months ago | reply


      These pictures are great. I can see how it would be difficult to confuse the Bat Falcon with the Orange breasted Falcon. The bird in your picture is a Bat Falcon, though.


    2. Lip Kee 97 months ago | reply

      Thanks, These comments from Rasmus were very instructive, I am sure he would not mind me reproducing it here for all.

      "It can be a bit difficult to separate the two falcons, but once you've seen a few, they become fairly easy. Be ware that I would generally not recommend using the tail-bands, as this varies with age in both species. The same goes for the chest-pattern, as this also is variable in both species. The two best features are the throat/chest and the jizz - these features are always reliable, regardless of age and subspecies. Here are a few links to photos of Orange-breasted for comparison:

      1) www.duplooys.com/images/birding/Orange-breasted-Falcon.jpg
      2) www.birdwatchersdigest.com/site/guatemala/pics2006/Orange...
      3) www.surfbirds.com/media/gallery_photos/20060405115929.jpg
      4) www.surfbirds.com/media/gallery_photos/20060714100441.jpg
      5) www.birdwatchersdigest.com/blog/uploaded_images/IMG_1368-...

      First the throat/chest: Notice that the orange chest contrasts clearly with the whitish throat in the Orange-breasted Falcon. The amount of orange to the throat/chest is highly variable in the Bat Falcon (e.g. ssp. petoensis generally show more than the nominate race; juv's generally show less than adults, etc.), but it never shows a strong contrast between the chest and throat. A second very good feature is the jizz. As apparent on above links, the Orange-breasted has a jizz that resembles the Peregrine Falcon, being quite stocky, and with noticeably heavier bill and esp. legs than the Bat Falcon."

      Similar discussion I found


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