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  • I've actually been to the "Big Duck" on Long Island in New York State. It is a small souvenier shop. - Koolasvegan1
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Roadside Attractions Map

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  1. Colin~Johnson 85 months ago | reply

    sweet! this is really nice Linzie!! love all the objects, characters, and colors. i hate doing maps and refuse to do them for illustration assignments but i love looking at maps done well by other illustrators. was this one for a client? oh, and I just saw that Big Duck on a PBS documentary earlier this week about unique buildings across the U.S.

  2. Linzie Hunter 85 months ago | reply

    Thanks Colin... No this was "for fun" but having done it, I can totally see where you are coming from... Its about dps in size and took the best part of week to do...which is a lot of time for one illustration really...

  3. justin.scrappers 85 months ago | reply

    I love America for those same reasons.

  4. JRG Cisterna 85 months ago | reply

    bello trabajo !

  5. VaIerie [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    Your artwork is AWESOME
    Think of it as your very own little "Artist Community" We'd love to have you.

    Artists And Their Art

  6. genevieve kote 85 months ago | reply

    Maps are so hard to do! This one is great! You have all my admiration.

  7. Radimus.co.uk 85 months ago | reply

    Woo good stuff

    My favourite thing: the pool on top of the campervan!

  8. tweedlebop 85 months ago | reply

    This set is just wonderful - great job Linzie!

  9. dan:may 85 months ago | reply

    wow, this is the coolest map ever!! great job linzie!

  10. *Helga* 85 months ago | reply

    your work look so great

  11. pancho_nunyes 85 months ago | reply

    awesome work

  12. Alberto+Cerriteño 84 months ago | reply

    This is fabulous Linzie! love it!

  13. phantom kitty 50 months ago | reply

    this is absolutely amazing! each piece is very impressive.

    (the link to zoom doesn't work, unfortunately.)

  14. Linzie Hunter 50 months ago | reply

    hmm... oh well... guess you can always click on all sizes?

  15. Davor Pavelic 50 months ago | reply

    love them all!

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