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I subscribe to Sirius for one reason at this point: Howard Stern. I've been listening to Howard for decades. I go to Howard when public radio gets too serious or boring, and I go back to public radio when Howard gets too gross or boring. For this I bought a Sirius Sportster tuner, a cradle for the house, a cradle for the car and a boom box cradle, plus committing to $12/month or something to Sirius for a service so closed and silo'd that nobody else can make a tuner for their service. But they do also stream online, which is handy. They've been doing this for "free" to subscribers who already pay. They are also forcing existing subscribers to pay an extra $2.95/month to listen online. That's what you see here. It doesn't become clear until you click on "Launch Player". Then...

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Taken on March 1, 2009