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LCDuino-1: our new integrated LCD/Arduino board goes to manufacturing!

the LCDuino is born!


first batch of beta-test boards for LCDuino-1 just went out (to get made) today!


above, is the 3d model of what an assembled unit should look like.


this is the flip-side of the board:




and here is a real prototype, connected up to the lcd panel:






parts list (visual): www.flickr.com/photos/linux-works/3947809618/


I worked with Ti (AMB Labs) on this project. this is a joint LinuxWorks/AMB design. the beautiful pc board routing is due to AMB's expertise in this area.


functional design items of interest: i2c driver for LCD display; realtime clock chip (with supercap backup); spacious proto-hole area for custom app-specific circuits; onboard reset switch; onboard power LED and pin13 LED; standard FTDI download usb cable support; 2 layer ground-plane pc board.


form factor is exactly the same as the 16x2 hitachi standard LCD displays.


more details to come, including beta-test program and boards (and full kits) that you can buy and build.


watch the related websites for more info:






(AMB will be selling these in his e-store once they're in production).


link to PCB layout (top and bottom layer but no ground-plane pour):




the announcement of our joint project, on head-fi: www.head-fi.org/forums/f6/lcduino-1-i-o-processor-447607/


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Taken on September 21, 2009