Remembering: 9/11 Tribute
Each year on September 11th the Tribute in Light beams shine over the New York skyline, making a pale echo in memory of the Twin Towers.

The first group of pictures here is from a lighting test on 9/8/05, followed by a main body of images from the night of September 11, 2005, shot on a photo-walk from Red Hook to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Next in the set, mixed together a bit just like the years have started to blur, are photos from the 2006 lights, also shot from Brooklyn, and from the memorial in 2007, which I spent in downtown Manhattan.

I shot the 2008 lights for the most part from the West Side near the installation grounds, and next come shots from the rainy 2009 memorial, seen from the Promenade again, and the 2010 Lights, shot from the Promenade and from the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The ten-year anniversary left me a little overwhelmed with all of the pointed memorializing. It started to feel a little insincere, a little frantic. I stayed close to home, shooting only from Pier 6 on the East River, and grappling with some equipment failures that left me with too many blurry images and not enough sharp ones.

In 2012 I started downtown and walked up and around just east of the lights, past Ground Zero and into SoHo, before heading back to Brooklyn. In 2013, shooting a Canon 5DMkII for the first time, I revisited locations I shot in years prior; the weather was slicky and hot, with wisps of cloud. 2014 was also close to home, shot from the margins of the newly-finished Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and in 2015 I stuck to the neighborhood as well, wandering first through the side streets and then ending up in the now-bustling Brooklyn Bridge Park.
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