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Rosebud in the Booth

One of the eager features of the annual Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend jaunt is the Pinup Safari, which packs a bunch of models and a pride of photographers out into the midday Nevada heat for a few hours, with generally delirious results.


This is my second time at BHoF. In 2010, when I was here last, we were staying at the Plaza, and the Safari trekked up and down Fremont Street, making happy use of the vintage car show going on that weekend. Alas, I lost the bulk of my shots back then in a memory card mishap that still pains me a little. Among the gonegonegone shots were several sets of Mme. Rosebud, perched saucily on and around a few shining old-style cars.


This year we make up a bit for lost time at the end of the day. Rosebud is a popular model, and we steal a few moments in a lush red booth in the bar of the Aruba Hotel. These are some of the last shots I take on the safari.


The Aruba is the final safari stop, and after blinking a bit at the indoor light - seriously, it is so bright outside - we get down to business, draping on the furniture and flattening against the walls and snapping away at the inviting, old-timey decor. It's pretty hilarious - we're like a bus of tourists plunked down in this place all of a sudden, snapping and flashing and primping and posing every which way.

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Taken on June 2, 2012