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    For those who always suspected I have a screw loose, here's your proof.

    It's my birthday, and I need to get out of the house. Down on the Lower East Side I have a photo shoot with my friend Sean, and afterward I amble around lower Manhattan, thinking over the last year and how far it is from the one before. I feel I have no center. This shiny wheel catches my eye, and the nestled paths of spokes and orbit - or is it slings and arrows? - fits the day.

    A few birthdays back I jotted this on a napkin as I looked over Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade:

    On Circle Day I watched Monster Island
    From across the reach of water.

    The ongoing and evolving Utata Thursday Walk project is a straightforward one - take the camera, go for a walk. I do that. It clears the head.

    This image is from my third Thursday outing, which I generally do on Fridays, but which happened on the Wednesday this time out. Thursday is, after all, a state of mind; and this is my birthday anyway, so if I say it's Thursday, it's Thursday for me.

    See the rest of my Thursday Walk images in the Getting the Hang of Thursdays set.

    In a happy confluence of events, Utata does a lightning weekend project called Hot Wheels - this image fits snugly there as well.

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    1. Wil C. Fry 108 months ago | reply

      Great reflection. And yes, happy birthday!

    2. JKönig 108 months ago | reply

      you couldn't have asked for a better birthday present than this masterfully fantastic shot. wow!

    3. Linus Gelber 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the kind words, everyone. JK, no one has ever called me masterfully fantastic I don't think (at least, not for photography). That's pretty awesome - thanks again.

    4. Lú_ 108 months ago | reply

      Happy birthday, Linus! This is entirely charming. :)

    5. nj dodge 108 months ago | reply

      Happy Birthday Linus (maybe a loose lugnut...) kidding

    6. Mitki 108 months ago | reply

      Happy birthday! Wonderful shot.

    7. edwardjackman 108 months ago | reply

      Happy Birthday (belated) Linus.
      walk it off.

    8. Linus Gelber 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks, all - welcome wishes. And I do love shiny round things - kind of irresistible, eh?

      e., they never made enough miles for that.

    9. Danny B! 108 months ago | reply

      A bit late but Happy Birthday anyway ; )

    10. SuperDave!! 108 months ago | reply

      .....Oooooohhh! .....Aaaaaaaahhh!
      You have just been Top-V Admin Admired!
      * * Follow the " top-v_aa " tag * *


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