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Remote Switch Pocket Wizard Mod | by lintmachine
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Remote Switch Pocket Wizard Mod

So, I ordered a wireless remote for the 5D, but it's coming from Hong Kong and is expected to take 1-3 weeks to get here. Patience is not one of my strong suits, so I was looking into a cable to connect a Pocket Wizard to the camera to use it as a remote release until the new one gets here. I don't really want to use a PW permanently, cause fuck all they are expensive and I'd rather not tie up 2 PWs that I could be using on flashes.


Anyway, the official PW cable is stupid expensive. Like $50 or something. So, I started looking into making one. I've got some moderate wiring and soldering ability and I know the N3 connection is dead simple to wire. The biggest problem was to find an N3 connector.


I found a number of articles and posts from people harvesting or otherwise modding the Canon RS-80N3 and TS-80N3 remote releases for this purpose. One in particular I thought was pretty clever was a guy who added a mono headphone jack (which is the type of connection found on the PWs) to a TS-80N3. This allows you to use a regular mono cable to connect the PW to the TS and then the TS to the camera. Best part is that the TS is still fully functional.


The TS is bigger than the RS remote and includes controls for taking time lapse photos. It's also about twice as expensive and the RS and I didn't care to spend that much. But, I thought it would be cool to try with the normal RS and I thought there would be enough room to pull it off.


Many of the mods also include a switch that controls the pre-release. Flipping the switch on activates the pre-release and causes the camera to auto-focus. If you set the camera up to focus in AI Servo mode, it will continually focus while the pre-release switch is on. Many of the mods I saw wire the switch into an external box or into the cable itself between the remote and the camera. I thought I might be able to cram that into the remote as well.


So, this is the result. You can see the jack on the right side of the remote, which accepts a standard 1/8" mono cable. The toggle switch on the opposite side controls the pre-release. The RS remote still works perfectly on its own as long as you turn off the pre-release switch.


Of course this cost me a little more than the PW cable itself, but at least I have functioning cable release. Plus it was fun to make...for some definition of fun. :)

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Taken on December 10, 2008