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We are 3 cyclists from Hanoi, Vietnam and in early of 2016, we decided to travel by bicycle through 3 countries in Indochina: Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia. We left Hanoi for Vinh City on February 10th by bus and started to cycle from Vinh City to Laos (through Cau Treo - Nam Phao Border Gate) on the next day. We enjoyed riding and visiting many places. Unfortunately, we didn't go together till the end. We separated, one by one, somewhere on our route. In Bac Lieu City, I began to cycle alone on the road to the next places. And though I wanted to ride more, I felt that I should stop (and I did stop) when I arrived Vung Tau City and had unforgettable days there. In the end, I was the last one who came back to Hanoi on March 14th (34 days away from the starting day). My feeling was not good when I was back to home but it was alright: Everything was fine and three of us were safe after all. So great!

There were days I didn't take any photos:
- Day 1: From Hanoi to Vinh City (by bus).
- Day 22: From Nam Can Town to Bac Lieu City (so tired).
- Day 25, 26: In Ho Chi Minh, City (i don't like).
- Day 33: From Vung Tau City to Hanoi (Day 1) (by bus).