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Tribute to Our Heroes 143: From Santa Claus | by Mcubed8
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Tribute to Our Heroes 143: From Santa Claus

Santa says "Ho, Ho, Ho!

To see our Heroes I shall go!"

And off he flies to see our Troops

He brings them soap and Fruity Loops.

He brings them lots of batteries

to run the toys from families

Who sent them on to their loved ones,

Their Dads, or Moms; Daughters, Sons.


Santa smiles as he hands out

Gifts to soldiers who sometimes shout,

"Just what I wanted! How did you know?"

Happy soldiers turn and go...


As they play, ooh and ah,

Clearing his throat Santa hems and haws,

then starts to say what's in his heart,

Trembling a little, he slowly starts,


"I want to thank you for all you do,

For giving your time, and effort, too.

To thank you now for your sacrifice,

Of time away from loved ones, life


"You once knew a different place,

A different job, a different space,

You once had more than desert sand

Could stand beside and hold loved one's hand.


"But now you're here, in far away land,

With Kevlar© on you take your stand

For freedom, family and futures bright,

You to the attackers take the fight.


"And some of you won't make it home,

except in flags draping the dome

of your final rest in life,

to tears from children, hubby, wife...


"Your country thanks you for what you do,

They do remember and pray for you,

They wish you well and hope for all,

Safety, health, a quick recall...


"They want you home, with them to be,

Not just this season, but your face to see,

Smiling back at them, with family.


"And, now I leave you with final thought:

Your service here is not for naught,

You've done for others what they could not.

And when your service here is done;

whether victory comes, or freedom is won,


"Your service here was not in vain,

You have prevented future pain,

And if one day another attack

Makes you or others here come back,


"You still served your country and did it well!

You answered the call of freedom's bell,

To you we owe our liberty

And we thank you all sincerely."


With those words Santa turned round,

Wiped a tear from his cheek and found

His sleigh and reindeer waiting to go

And mounting it, he smiled softly, without, "Ho, Ho, Ho!"


Left there in desert sand our soldiers stood,

Waved to Santa, with presents so good,

but not as good as going home,

To where their hearts will always roam.


So as Merry a Merry Christmas can be,

In the deserts of Iraq, Afghanny,

And come home quickly to stand beside,

Those in whom your hearts reside.



© 2013 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved



Merry Christmas to Our Troops:

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,

Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Our Heroes You Be.


Thank you for your service and Merry Christmas!



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Taken on February 1, 2013