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DONKEY! I have a wrist brace on for you! I have 6 layers for this! I went topless! SIDE-BOOB! WINGS! BOKEH! I mock you, donkey. I'm slave to you as my main source of A+ rating.


Inspired by Kat's butterflies.


Ahh, satisfaction.


Another self-involved description....sorry dudes, major life change.


My shelf life for a desk job seems to be around 3 years. At three years, I can't sit still anymore. I've stopped learning anything new, my patience for others grows thin, and I've just....stopped...moving. My brain completely shuts down and leaves me fighting for the antithesis of a goal other than finding satisfaction where there is no goal left.


I debated getting a masters in early education, but the teachers are now required to get so much extra training, they're underpaid, and their days are so unbelievably patterned. That's for the sake of the kids, but I can see how it's wearing them down.


This might sound crazy, but I think I might throw babysitting out there as an option for spare money. Believe it or not, I am good with kids. I excite them, they excite me. It's win/win all around.


I like their creativity and imagination, and I'm a paranoid nut that imagines every worst scenario. I think I'm ideal for the sometimes babysitting job.

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Taken on November 10, 2010