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4/30: Black Cat Firecracker

Another high-speed video deal. Tomorrow will be something different, I promise. :)


Originally shot at 3000 frames per second. You can see that's barely enough time to watch the explosion, even when I've slowed that part down from the normal 30fps playback. Meanwhile, I've sped a lot of the rest of it way up... some of it might even be faster than real time? :)


Anyway... Once more [last time, for now?], thanks to Intellectual Ventures for the use of their Phantom V12.1, and to various folks at Hackerbot Labs for helping me set up this scene (the streamers, lighting, etc.).


New feature for today: Apple's bundled audio tracks, and doing multiple audio tracks for different parts of things, with various fades in between, etc.


P.S. Video converted from the original CINE format that the Phantom produces using at open-source vrptools package that I wrote, combined with ffmpeg and then MPEG Streamclip. My settings for ffmpeg were poor on this one, it looks like, so the quality is a little off. Hopefully I'll learn to use ffmpeg better over time, and/or add (or have others add) more direct conversion via vrptools into a format that FCP X can understand. If anyone is particularly skilled with such things and wants to help, feel free to make a fork and/or contact me with tips, etc.

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Uploaded on July 16, 2011