3/30: Slow Motion Match Strike

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With many thanks to Intellectual Ventures, for use of their Phantom V12, and to the various folks at Hackerbot Labs that helped me set up this shot, back in January of 2011.

Match was clamped in a vice, and my hand was holding the box.

(very clumsy) music by me, done in Garage Band. Someday, I'll get better tools for music creation, and learn how to use them. I hope.

New-to-me feature of note: variable speed playback.

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  1. 3ricj 46 months ago | reply

    ooOOoO, does this let you slowly ramp up or down the framerate?

  2. lindes 46 months ago | reply

    Yup. :) Pretty schnazzy, eh?

    Alas, it has less control over the rate of ramping than I might like... or at least, it's clumsy to control that specific thing, but you can speed up and slow down with a great deal of control, and it does do a ramp in between. You can also reverse stuff, which I haven't actually tried just yet, but surely will. :)

    FCP X is certainly less than "everything I could possibly want" (for one thing, I want more RAM now ;)), but I'm pretty happy with it, for the most part. It's definitely a VAST improvement over any video editing system I've used previously -- with the possible exception of the Sony RM 450. ;) (I'd love to have a modern version of something like that as a custom controller for FCPX... I know there are jog/shuttle wheels out there; I'll probably get myself one at some point.)

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