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Sold: Robot Necklace | by lindes
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Sold: Robot Necklace

I saw my friend Amy Johnston the other night, and she came up to me with this necklace in hand. Someone else who was there that night wanted to buy it, she told me, but she'd only recently completed it, and thus didn't yet have any photos of it. So she asked me if I'd take a picture of it, so she could have one before it left her hands.


Sounded like a good idea to me. Jeremy Center and I were already shooting something, with my macro lens and a bunch of his gear, and I asked him if he minded if we moved stuff around a bit and did a jewelry shot.


He was game, so off we went to go set this shot up. After he and I took turns refining the shot, I finally settled on the following lighting setup:


- One 580EXII (I think; Jeremy, please correct me) at... I think 1/4 power, through a shoot-through umbrella, camera left;

- Another 580EXII (again, I think) through a piece of paper, camera right, with the paper cupped (held by tape and by hand, together) to the right of and below the piece;

- One SB-25 (I'm pretty sure on this one) with a black-straw grid spot aimed from camera right back to the wall behind the piece, which was already red.


And so, Amy now has documentation of her piece. And with luck, maybe even something she can send to a juried show if she likes. :-)


Many thanks to Jeremy for the massive assist -- gear, lighting ideas, etc.

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Taken on August 24, 2008