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Freedom From Fear | by lindes
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Freedom From Fear

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I made the discovery this morning that I and Laura are in Fight or Flight mode, with our respective tendencies in the order listed.


I feel like there's nowhere to run to, so I want to fight. She wants to flee, to Canada or somewhere.


It's a scary world to live in where you see the people around you (and even yourself) on a collision course with self-induced doom. And not just of humans, which wouldn't be such a bad thing -- life can go on and even flourish without humans -- but maybe even without life itself. (Some speculate that at a certain point, global warming would become irreversible, and warm us up beyond the boiling point for water, thus rendering the planet into a place likened to Venus -- sulfuric acid as rain, etc. I don't know how likely that is, but it doesn't need to be anywhere near that bad to still be pretty darned scary for humans.)


Ironically enough, what's bringing us here? Well, many things, but I think a large component is fear. The fear-mongering (by the current Bush Administration and others) perpetrated against the people of this state (i.e. country, i.e. the United States), and against the world at large, is doing terrible things in insidious ways that many of us remain oblivious to. Many of us embrace such things as religious faith as something to relax us from our fears, and release us from responsibility.


Well guess what: Faith in its very nature is working against us. By embracing faith, we embrace the idea that we don't have to question. By not questioning, we allow the torment of our country and the world by tyrants like George W. Bush and his associates.


I believe we must stand up to the fear we're facing, and question those who are stuffing it down our throats (even if they try to make it seem like they're benignly giving us medicine). I believe that the only way for us to get past this fear is major social change. I can only begin to guess at how this can be brought about -- so I start with my art.


It's time for freedom from fear. The good folks of Bloomington Indiana had the sense to engrave this in stone (next to Freedom of Speech, etc), so it's not a new idea.. we just hear too little of it, so I'm sharing it here.

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Taken on October 14, 2007