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Meet H. C. ~

14 Coming from base where I had to renew my ID , on a whim, I decided to drive though an old neighborhood on my way to drop off a gift at at a girlfriends. This decision , turned out to be , a gift for me. I saw two gentlemen sitting somewhere in " yesterday." I parked beside a maroon 47 Ford and walked over to say hello.

Here I met H. C. and his friend. who told me this was their club house. ( actually it was H. C.' s garage.)

H. C. was born in a small Oklahoma town and told me they were just poor dirt farmers, but, he was the one who always had a car. He found parts and put them together..thus began his love of cars.

He worked on his knees for many years putting in floors and told me he didn't have a knee problem in the world and still was perfectly fine working on cars..... his passion , no doubt about it.

In 1960 , he begin restoring old cars and has never stopped.. He belongs to car clubs and as I said, this garage is the club house for he and his friends.

This Model A, a 1931 Town Sedan. that he is standing in front of is , get this, the car that he drives all the time, telling me he just pulled up not long before me. . It has the Texas inspection sticker and license plates as shiny as mine and as found out, they all do...He drives them all.


I thought about trying to get H. C. posed so we could see the entire Model A , but, I decided this is 100 strangers.. , I think I made the right decision. H. C. is my star, not the car.

In the garage is his bright yellow 1939 Ford P/U . I also tried to get enough of the garage so you get the ambiance of the ' club house' and the red trailer to the right seems to be a perfect pop for the spokes on the hub caps.

You can see the true color and shine on the back on the Model A . Trees are reflecting into the paint on the drivers side just like the tool kit and storage ' box' on the back are reflecting.

H. C. is a young person for his age , with a wonderful story and has the nicest manners and , most gentile way about him. As I said , I landed in yesterday, right beside a gentleman of yesterday , too, not just the cars. I loved trading memories of gas costing 25 cents and about the old full service filling stations. ( Corpus has two left! sob! )

I have to go back and take H. C. some prints.. I got some of all of his beautiful automobiles. Automobiles that still serve so many purposes besides transportation and memories. These are cars that were the pride of the owners , since this was the height of the depression. They were more than four wheels. They were trophies .

( My family had a Black Chevrolet Coupe and we actually have a family portrait with us four sitting on the running board in about 1941 , I was 2, in case you are wondering!!! I think cars have lost some of their romance . I would not have my portrait made sitting on my SUV. : ) Hope you enjoy~ linda

This picture is #14 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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Taken on July 26, 2012