DIY Vegetable-ink making
2 hour workshop for Feest van de Natuur, in collaboration with D’Broej vzw, designed by Lina Kusaite and facilitated by Martine Roosen and Lina Kusaite, Brussels, Belgium 2013

The aim of the workshop is to show different ways how to use our daily vegetables and fruits, that children can find at home. To encourage kids to see vegetables not only as the food, but as well as the source of many things: paints, colours, forms, stories and many more.
It is a 2 hour hands on workshop, during which children (6-12) learn how, by using very simple kitchen tools, can make a beautiful colours form different flowers, berries and vegetables.
As well, some experiment is shown for children how to transform red cabbage juice by simply using lemon and baking soda. How from bright purple you can create pink and green/blue tones.
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