Fermentation workshop
Self learning, experimental, open for everyone workshop, facilitated by Martynas Savickis and Lina Kusaite, Serde, Latvia 2012

How can we use one of metamorphoses process: fermentation, for creating energy in our individual and collective lives?
How do we make decisions when experimenting with unknown, what are the conclusions based on results, and where does it bring us next?
The process of creating energy comes not only from food, but also as a nourishing routine in our individual and collective lives. During 4hours we explored understanding this process through fermented cucumbers, from traditional to more improvised methods, through discovering different wild plants. Our journey included the theory behind fermenting practices, and an exploration of various successful flavour combinations from different recipes. We did this through hands-on activities (plant foraging, understanding, plant documentation and preparation) that resulted in a kaleidoscope of different fusions of flavours. The workshop was completed by sharing our day’s discoveries and inspirations, and looked at what a creative and collaborative processes can offer.
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