Workshop/Resilient Riga
“Resilient dialogue / citizens and the city”, its' a workshop for teenagers, a part of XIV International Festival for New Media Culture, 'Art+Communication 2012' Riga.

We all have our own dreams. If 'I' could do what ever I want – how my environment would look like? How do we create the context, instead of context creates us? Give a possibility for teenagers to design there surroundings, let their imagination and dreams run free & create the city they would love live in. How our choices and will to act gives us a possibility to create our own environment(context). Are we resilient in our own surrounding or are we simply reacting to what is build, given, decided?

During 4 hour, teenagers were invited to discuss and explore the landscape of Riga and personal relationship with it.

Workshop designed and facilitated by Lina Kusaite, with assistance of Anne Trapenciere, and Michel Bauwens as a quest speaker.
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