liminal: Warwick Bar Soundwalk
Warwick Bar Soundwalk, ArtsFest, Birmingham

Warwick Bar Soundwalk is a pre-recorded, downloadable sound work that was commissioned by MADE and originally presented at the ArtsFest in Birmingham on 8th and 9th September 2006.

The soundwalk developed out of our approach to our role as lead artist for the Masterplanning project for the Warwick Bar site. We were keen to ensure that initial investigations of the site incorporated a rigorous historical and social perspective as well as exploring the soundscape as it now is and amongst other techniques, the practice of soundwalking presented itself as a valuable research tool. We used soundwalking in three different ways; first as a personal investigation of the site, second as a way of introducing the architects to new ways of hearing the city and lastly as an audio survey of the site.

An edited version of the Soundwalk was broadcast on Resonance FM on the 24 October 2006.
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