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    For those of you who have followed the woes of this block, the "parts" are now on the cutting room floor. I'm going to stew over this for a few days now to see whether I add a black border and black binding or some kind of skinny stripe around the whole square. At the moment, I'm liking it plain though.

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    1. grammypat1 39 months ago | reply

      LOVE this....just as it is!!!

    2. Poppyprint 39 months ago | reply

      In my best Meg Ryan: Yes, Yeeesss, YEEESSSSS!!!

    3. quiltedoma 39 months ago | reply

      Amazing! Stunning! Gorgeous! Spartastic!!!

    4. rebeccasrags 39 months ago | reply

      I love this, but don't toss your ladyparts aside, you will have to find something for them, if not for your partner then for yourself as a reminder of all us dirty minded quilter's :)

    5. tusen's 39 months ago | reply

      This looks great!
      BTW, I almost missed all the fun ;) luckily the title of this photo made me check out the previous version.

    6. modernbasics1 39 months ago | reply

      lookin' the goods!! i love it, and think a black binding would be perfect. if you grab a colourful binding, its going to distract the eye too much. Maybe black quilting too?? keep it simple.

    7. Lynne @ Lilys Quilts 39 months ago | reply

      Thank you again for all the LURVE (bit too much LURVE from you Pops) and suggestions and encouragement. I'm going to take everyone's advice and try to incorporate the lady parts in the back somehow - still undecided what to do next - I was thinking all black but I've added a black border and it looks quite stark. Mmm...

    8. isisjem22 39 months ago | reply

      This is fab. I love all those free cut blocks and the angles you have them at. Just don't think this is something you could have gleened from my info so sadly don't think it's heading my way. Boo Hoo! I was gonna say what about one of those false, flat piped bits by the binding. Can you see I'm trying to avoid saying a certain word? In case I completely lower the tone?

    9. Lynne @ Lilys Quilts 39 months ago | reply

      Am I being dumb? I don't know what you're talking about - seriously I don't.

    10. Linda Rotz Miller Quilts & Quilt Tops 39 months ago | reply

      I thought I knew the meaning of that word, but I tried to look it up in the dictionary, just to be sure. My dictionary page said that their site had crashed temporarily due to the number of quilting ladies trying to access that word :)

    11. Lynne @ Lilys Quilts 39 months ago | reply

      I've just googled it - I didn't know it ad a double meaning. I can't add one of those now!
      You are so funny, I'm laughing and laughing at that and the vision of you going to the shop in a quilt top - I dare you - I double dare you! And please take a photo. If you do, I'll show you the photo Mandy's husband took of me this morning in her studio cum fabric shop pretending to fence with beanbags on my head (don't ask).

    12. Linda Rotz Miller Quilts & Quilt Tops 39 months ago | reply

      I think it may be fortunate that you live far, far away on a distant continent. If you lived nearer, I fear you could goad me into some serious foolishness :)

    13. Lynne @ Lilys Quilts 39 months ago | reply

      I'd be like that kid at school who persuades everyone else to set the chemistry lab on fire than tiptoes away quietly avoiding getting into trouble herself!

    14. Shawn-Shine 39 months ago | reply

      loving this... plain black binding seems great!

    15. uberstitch 39 months ago | reply

      As a rule, I'm not big on the pink and purple, but this is stunning. there are always exceptions to any rule. ;o)

    16. Shiners view 39 months ago | reply

      love this one!

    17. Lynne @ Lilys Quilts 39 months ago | reply

      I think that's probably where I'm going to go although maybe with a little flash of colour somewhere at Ethne's suggestion.
      Funnily enough, this was not at all the colour scheme I was aiming for but, when I threw all my bits and bobs of solids into a big pile, this was the group of colours that most kind of popped for me. Thank you Lisa!

    18. isisjem22 39 months ago | reply

      lol - well I didn't think of it in that context until you started making mini quilts with lady bits in the centre of them. ;-)

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