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Girl Talk: Part 1 - "Spill The Tea!"

The LMV Teen Scene Returns from a brief mid-summer hiatus as the girls are catching up on current events.



Gwen -- So…Rae, don’t keep us hanging, spill the tea!


Rae -- Girls, I don’t kiss and tell.


Dee -- Rae, stop being such a tease and give us the low down.


Rae -- Well, if you insist (grinning)…Ryan and I met at our favorite spot on the beach…and girls, mmm, he was looking so, so fine. I just melt like butter when I am in his tan arms. And his lips…oh his lips…


Gwen and Dee -- Is that all?


Rae -- Wow, girls, thirsty much? Oh course that isn’t all. We went back to his “life guard shack” and fooled around for a bit.


Gwen -- OMG…You Slut! I love it.


Rae -- Oh Gwen, take it down a notch, um’kay? Don’t be silly, I didn’t give him all my goodies. Just a taste…to keep him coming back (giggles).


Gwen -- I don’t know how you do it Rae. You got the Mc-Hottie Geek and the Baywatch Boy. You got game, girl.


Rae -- Of course I do. As I’ve told you many times; Take notes.


Dee -- You better be careful Rae. What happens if you slip up and get caught?


Rae -- Hah! Now worries. I am always two steps ahead. Anyways…now, Gwen, put down those Kanye glasses, they are so three seasons ago. Hand me that black Monster High purse. I need to start getting my fall wardrobe together. With that purse and Gavin on my arm, will be one step closer to ruling the school (classic Rae grin).


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Taken on July 30, 2011