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Doggie ice cream party

Oliver's review of The Pawfect Parfait:


I'm a very picky eater by nature. I frequently make my Mom spoon feed me. I've been known to turn my nose up to many a treat, and even throw my food out of the bowl on occasion. My Mom and Dad found a banana flavored doggie ice cream once at the pet store for me. They anxiously presented me with this new and exciting treat and awaited my response. I gave it a quick sniff and walked away, no attempt to entice me to try succeeded. I have a discerning palate, what can I say?


A few nights ago I went over to visit my friend Boogie, I brought my friends Piccolo and Benjie with me too. We all really love hanging out at Boogie's house. His mom Lili is so nice and she always gives us yummy treats and sometimes she even makes homemade cookies which I love! She also makes ice cream for humans which no one ever lets me try no matter how cute and charming I am (and I'm VERY cute and charming)! But the other night, at last, it was my turn to try! Lili made ice cream just for dogs! Banana, peanut butter, yogurt and bacon. My Mom and Dad thought I might turn my nose up, as I had done before , or perhaps I'd get an upset tummy from such a rich treat, but I surprised them. I LOVED it! I gobbled every last drop and asked for seconds and thirds. I've never been allowed to try bacon before because I have a delicate tummy but I was fine, my parents didn't even have to open the windows that night (if you know what I mean). I can't wait to eat more!!!!! My Mom and Dad tried to take some pictures of us eating the ice cream but we were way too excited to stand still so most of our pictures are blurry.


Photos from Tamra (mom to Oliver & Piccolo)

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Taken on June 7, 2012